Ms. Pruitt



Ms. Pruitt is a New Orleans native who has been in Charleston for about five years. She received her Masters in Education with a concentration in mathematics in 2007 from LSU. As a lifelong learner herself, Ms. Pruitt strongly believes in the constant willingness to grow. She has held many positions in the education profession from math teacher and interventionist to an instructional coach and a personalized learning coach. She is currently an AVID Elective teacher for 7th grade and a math interventionist at Simmons-Pinckney Middle School. She is committed to engaging in learning experiences in hopes of becoming a stronger leader for her school, community, and nation, and hopes to inspire children to do the same.  

She also believes that education is a process that goes beyond the classroom. Ms. Pruitt has demonstrated this through sponsoring a Google game design program, coaching cheerleading and basketball, directing committees, and attending multiple workshops and trainings. She also serves as the VP of Strategic Planning and Coordination of the Louisiana Youth Seminar. She hopes through her role as a coach and by enhancing children’s learning experiences, she will motivate students and teachers to find their inner strengths and discover what inspires them.


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Office Hours: Mon-Fri 2:00pm-2:30pm

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