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Sixth grade math is a challenging course that integrates content and process standards of mathematics.   Students will increase mathematical knowledge and understanding with a focus on problem solving, real world applications, and cooperative learning. Classwork: Students will be given worksheets for the week on Monday. Each lesson covers a required standard. Students are encouraged to study from these sheets nightly and use them to study for summative tests. Pretests will be administered at the start of each unit.  Class work grades will come from daily Cornell Notes and corrections to daily math papers. Students will be given a project to complete each unit as a part of their formative grade. "Do Nows" will be checked daily as a part of the class work grade. Students are expected to complete all of the assigned problems and show all of their work. Students are encouraged to work with a math partner daily. A CCSD advanced math standards pacing guide is available for CCSD 6th grade Math Honors class.

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Homework: Homework grades will come from completed worksheets with explanations, corrections and record of new learning in the form of an "Ah-Ha". Homework is checked the next day for explanations and effort. Extra Help: I will be in my room from 3:30-4:30 every Friday afternoon to help students and parents with math standards and tutoring.