Ms. Edwards



As part of the new tech network initiative, I co-teach ela/social studies in the 6th grade with Ms. baldwin. Born in the South, I spent most of my formative years traveling and in Europe. Reared by my maternal grandparents, I lived in a world of different cultures, Art, Classical Music and Literature. I was happiest deep inside the cover of any book that I could get my hands on. My passion for teaching, I believe, stems from that love of learning and the ability to lose myself in Worlds that have no boundaries. It is this passion that I yearn to ignite in my students. My first experience with teaching was with DJJ. While working with DJJ, I was granted permission to pilot a program which took the most uncooperative juvenile inmates, and put them all with me in one unit/classroom/life.I was in my element and never looked for another career again. When I moved to Charleston I began working  at the Detention Center on Leeds and Headquarters. Here, I learned volumes about educating at risk youths,the children that society seemed to have forgotten. All of that has brought me here,to SPMS where I feel at home and again in my element. I hope to meet and exceed the challenges and expectations that have been set before me and to impact the lives of my students in a way that will help them to succeed in every way. please contact me with any concerns!

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