Immunizations to enter 7th Grade

Mandatory Immunizations for Middle School

Immunizations for CCSD


The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control requires specific vaccinations for students based on their age. It is very important to check with your doctor and make an appointment for your child to receive any required vaccinations. Proof of immunization must be provided to your school, and forgetting to schedule vaccinations may prevent your student from returning to school on time at the beginning of the year and result in suspension from school.

CCSD Immunizations Info

For more information on DHEC clinics, please call 1-800-868-0404. CALL NOW to make an appointment since there is a rush in August for Back to School.  


Charleston County Public Health Clinic Listing


DHEC Guide to Preteen & Teen Vaccinations


Tdap Vaccination is a Requirement for all students before beginning 7th Grade.


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